Environmental Automobile (Car) Interior Materials

Automobile (Car) Interior Materials

The harmful substance emitted from the automobile interior material is the cause of the new car syndrome.

When riding in a car that has just been shipped from the factory, it can cause headache, vomiting and dermatitis in the passenger. This is called the new car syndrome. In order to ensure proper management of harmful substances emitted from interior materials of newly manufactured automobiles, it is necessary to maintain proper standards for newly manufactured car indoor air quality.

KOLAS International Authorized Testing Organization

Taesung Environmental Research Institute is a KOLAS international authorized testing organization and is a VOCs certification institute for domestic complete automobile makers (Hyundai, Kia, Renault Samsung, Ssangyong).

Automobile Interior Materials TestSmall chamber system
We are proceeding with the received requests for standard test methods, evaluation and analysis methods prescribed by Hyundai and Kia Motors.
In addition, the regulations of test methods of Ssangyong, GM, Renault Samsung and others are also under analysis.

Test Method for Odor of Interior Materials

The test is progressed only on the materials that satisfy the VOCs requirement standards of MS300-55 and MS300-57, and judged by sensory evaluation based on the odor judgment table classified by the odor sensory evaluator in six stages.

Test Method for VOCs Emissions of Parts

We check the emission direction of VOCs for each section of the parts and apply this test method for parts that cannot be evaluated in a module state.

Test Method for VOCs Emissions of Module Parts

The standard evaluation and analysis method of VOCs emitted from the internal parts is specified and the evaluation subject is evaluated by using a chamber with a size of 1m2 in the module state.


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