Engineering Design and Construction

Design and Construction

Based on the cause identification of the odor, we conduct the odor consulting project.

We will diagnose the existing preventive facilities, draw out improvement plans, add new preventive facilities and offer suggestions based on the optimum improvement plan. In the full-scale implementation design, the appropriate air volume is calculated for each facility, and the design of the odor suction duct line and the new and additional odor prevention facilities are designed accordingly.
Basic DesignBusiness place

Review of measures to improve odor prevention facilities

Based on the analysis of existing facilities and odor analysis results, we will examine the solutions to the problems of the existing facilities; we will examine various aspects of efficiency improvement measures such as the operation conditions of the chemicals, pH, process quantity, addition of fillings, residence time, load operation, amount of activated carbon adsorption, and replacement cycle.

Review of new and additional odor prevention facilities

In order to examine the optimum odor reduction measures, reasonable facility improvement plan is derived considering convenience such as appropriate capacity of preventive facility, structure durability, and facility maintenance. When installing a new facility, the actual odor reduction efficiency, efficiency of space use for facilities and work line are reviewed.

Preventive Facilities Selection Procedure
Working design
Working design Details
Air volume review and calculation Deodorizing duct air volume review by process
DUCT design Deodorizing duct for each process
Implementation design Odor prevention facilities design
Additional facilities and other facilities design
Electrical and instrumentation design
Drawings DUCT LINE design drawings
New and additional prevention facilities and related facilities
Electrical and instrumentation
Report Basic and working design report
Drawing up of specification and design specification
Drawing up of design budget form


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