Odor sensor and Big data based


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Introduction of Odor Integrated Management System

The integrated management system of odor produced by Taesung Environmental Research Institute has functions such as tracking odor type, complex odor, and odor area through big data which is constructed based on the data based on multi-year odor analysis rather than simple monitoring of sensor measurement results. In addition, it is possible to collect odor by using the drones, and you can see the images taken by the drones in real time.

Odor tracking

You can measure and monitor the odor at the location where the sensor is installed for 24 hours and based on the result, the odor can be tracked.


Since each workplace has different odor causing substances, odor sensor equipment is selectively constructed. The sensor that matches the detected material will be installed out of 24 sensors.


Drones can collect samples and measure odors at the same time, making it safe, easy and quick to conduct tasks. The screen measurement data is transmitted remotely with wireless communication technology.


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