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The equipment is owned by Taesung Environmental Research Institute. As measuring equipment for various analyses, it is possible to analyze quickly, accurately and precisely. It is equipped with various advanced instruments to match the title as the best odor analyzing institute in Korea.


GC-MS (Gas Chromatograph Mass pectrometer) is used in many markets including environmental, forensic, law enforcement, food and beverage, oil and natural gas, and provides additional molecular weight information.


GC-MSD (Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer Detector) can obtain molecular weight quickly and accurately by detecting the sample through ionization, and it can also be a decisive aid for molecular structure determination using fragmentation pattern.


GC-FPD (Gas Chromatograph Flame Photometric Detector) passes the sample through a hydrogen/air flame. Phosphorus and sulfur, including hydrocarbons, cause chemiluminescence to generate an electrical signal when passing through a photomultiplier tube at a particular wavelength, and this electrical signal can be measured.


GC-ECD (Gas Chromatograph Electron Capture Detector) is a technique used to analyze halogen compounds and is commonly used in environmental, forensic and pharmaceutical markets.Using ECD, the measured current is reduced because certain molecule captures some electrons in the sample as they pass through the detector. Compensation for reduction is recorded as a positive peak.


HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) is a device that separates and analyzes the composition of a mixture by using a medium on the sample and using the difference in the rate of movement of the mixture within the medium.


The ICP equipment is a device that quantitatively analyzes the inorganic metal by injecting a liquid sample in a small particle state after making Ar gas into plasma using induction magnetic field. Accurate quantitative analysis up to ppb unit is possible and wide concentration range analysis is possible as well.


TA (Thermal Analysis Instruments) measures the adsorption amount of desorbed patterns at the time of heating of adsorbed minerals, measures the phase transition temperature of the polymer, measures desorption pattern adsorption amount of desorbed catalysts, and analyzes desorption gas.


PSA (Particle Size Analyzer) is a measuring device that measures the size distribution of powder particles using a laser and is used to observe the size distribution of normal particles. The particles can be dispersed in alcohol or water to be observed in wet condition and can also be observed in dry form.


FT-IR (Fourier Transform Infrared) analyzes the chemical structure of compounds for Nano material source materials. By analyzing the optical absorbance and transmittance of the IR Beam, we perform qualitative and quantitative analysis using the unique fingerprint area of the IR Beam of the sample.


PWS (Pure Water System) is a device that makes ultra-pure water by removing almost all of its contents, even though the water that is said to be clean contains salt or microorganisms. This ultra-pure water has almost no bacteria and organic matter and 99.9% or more of inorganic ions are removed. This can be applied to the analysis equipment that requires precision such as GC, HPLC, and ICP.

Temp & Humid Chamber

It is a device to observe the temperature and humidity condition and change and preservation state of the sample by making the sample reach to certain temperature in a closed space of 1m2.

Small chamber

건It is a small chamber device that measures the emission of pollutants emitted from building materials. We measure and analyze VOCs and HCHO emitted from the materials, mainly architectural finishing materials that release a large amount of pollutants, such as adhesives, sealants, paints, putties, wallpaper, and flooring materials.

Karl fischer

Karl Fischer, a titration solvent, is a chemical volumetric analyzer that dissolves homogeneous sample or uses a solvent to extract water from samples, titrates it with the Karl Fischer sample amount of already calculated titer, and calculates the amount of water from the consumption of Karl Fischer reagent that reacts with water in a chemically equivalent way.

Phase contrast microscope

It is a microscope that makes it possible to observe the inner structure clearly even in a colorless transparent sample. When the light passing through the material has a phase difference due to the refractive index difference of the material, it is changed into contrast and observed.


Calorimeter is a device that measures specific heat, latent heat, reaction heat, and other calories. It is divided into a constant pressure calorimeter with no pressure change between measurements, and a certain volume calorimeter that measures under constant volume, even with pressure changes like a sealed container.

UV detector

The UV detector measures the absorbance of the sample by converting the intensity of the transmitted light into an electric signal by passing light through the sample solution by monochromatizing the light from the light source with a monochrometer.

Electronic scale

Electronic scales are scales that convert the to-be-measured weight into electrical signals. The device balances the weight by electromagnetic force, measures the current value required to generate electromagnetic force, and measures the weight from the relationship between current value and weight; it is more accurate than other scales.


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