Odor Management Odor Kit

Odor Kit

Odor kit is a product that reproduces odor and lets a client test the smell in person.

By reproducing the specific odor as it is and storing in a container, a client can test the relevant smell anytime. Sensory evaluation can be performed by utilizing the odor kit.

Olfactory evaluation, one of the preferences of sensory evaluation, can be performed easily and comfortably by utilizing the pertinent product.
By reproducing the odors from the area where civil complaint was filed and the area where the odor occurred, we can reveal the correlation between the two odors.
By using the odor kit, without having to go to the area of odor every single time, one can feel the odor and stink as it is on site.

Color Selection
If there is a specific color that is associated with the pertinent odor, one may select a color. Then, one can feel both visual and olfactory senses.


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