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Research Institute

Taesung Environmental Research Institute was recognized
as a company-affiliated research institute in 2002.

Through development of environmental technologies such as development of deodorant for odor and harmful substances, analysis of harmful substances in automotive interior parts, and development of customized abatement materials, we are promoting research projects to improve our competitiveness and for better environment.


National Project

We carry out national governmental tasks implemented by the government.
We have undertaken various national projects such as material development, development of analytical technology, development of additives, and development of scavengers.



We collaborate to carry out the project in cooperation with other companies, such as reduction of hazardous substances in our company’s products, identification of the cause of odor, and study of odor reduction.


Material evaluation

Various materials are used to produce products. Rubber, plastics, and fibers are evaluated to prevent consumers from being exposed to harmful substances emitted from materials.


Reduction Research

We conduct reduction research based on the result of material evaluation. We are working on abatement technologies by developing additive to the production process or identifying process problems.

Research ResultsResearch Achievements
Period Project Title
2003 Manufacture and application of Nano-porous three-dimensional functional composites
2004 Development of formaldehyde removing agent from boards such as MDF, PB, and plywood
Developed additive to eliminate odor generated from PPF among the automobile interior materials
2005 Development of formaldehyde removing agent generated from construction adhesives
Development of high performance nano-porous adsorbent for TX removal
Development of chemical adsorption treatment method for polymer foam materials with NH3 and Acetophenone
Analysis of volatile organic compounds and research on odor reduction in automotive interior parts
Manufacture and application of Nano-porous three-dimensional functional composites
2006 Development of environment-friendly rubber composite building material for indoor air quality improvement
Development of harmful organic matter reduction technology generated in automobiles
Development of mesoporous Titania solid additive for removing toxic substances emitted from indoor wallpapers in construction
2011 Identification of the cause of odor in car air conditioner of A company (Identification of odor causing substance directly generated from automobile air conditioner)
2012 Development of a guide to evaluating vehicle odor in A Company’s automobile (Identification of residual causes of odors in automobile air conditioners)
2013 Development of a guide to evaluating automobile odor of A Company’s automobile (Odor from all driving processes)
mVOCs analytical technology service for development of A Company’s automobile biofilm coating
Assessment of odor and interior material relevance of automobile air conditioner of A Company
2014 VOC analysis for microorganism toxicity evaluation of A Company’s automobile
2015 Identification of C/P odor causing material of B Company
Development of natural material odor and harmful substance reduction technology for A Company’s automobiles
2016 Development of technology to reduce odor-causing substances to improve indoor air quality in automobile of A Company


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