Engineering Management Services

Management Services

We conduct odor management service for proper operation of prevention facilities.

The Environmental Engineering Team of the Taesung Environmental Research Institute conducts efficient management of the prevention facilities and conducts management services for the process and results of odor reduction through sample collection and analysis for practically verifying the deodorant reduction.
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Circulation water management

Circulating water containing odor-reducing chemicals circulates repeatedly in the prevention facilities to reduce odor. However, as time passes, the odor component melts into the circulating water and the odor reduction efficiency is lowered, so the circulation water is changed to prevent the efficiency from lowering in advance.

Adjustment of chemical quantity

Since the amount of odor discharged is not always constant, it is possible to increase the odor reduction efficiency and reduce the cost by appropriately adjusting the dosage of the chemicals each time.

Air Volume Adjustment

It controls the air volume and moves the odor generated in the workplace to the prevention facility. However, if the air volume is low, the odor concentration inside increases and the worker will have hard time conducting tasks. If the air volume is too high, the amount of the chemical input is increased, and because of the shorter contact time with the chemicals, the efficiency is lowered. Therefore, the airflow must be adjusted to the situation.

Checking Nozzle Status

The foreign substance may adhere to the nozzle of the preventive facility during operation and the chemical injection may not proceed smoothly. This reduces odor reduction efficiency, so we check the nozzle status and clean it from time to time.

Checking Site Boundaries

We check the odor discharge concentration at the site boundary of the workplace. It is judged directly through sensory test or sample collection; then it is analyzed by Taesung Environmental Research Institute and the results are deducted. We proceed with this task from time to time to avoid complaints.


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