Product Guide Large Chamber

Large Chamber

When the sample is large, such as automobile parts and assembly modules, VOC emission test is progressed with the large scale chamber.

By maintaining temperature, humidity and ventilation consistently, emitted VOC from the sample is collected. Through connection with smartphones, the condition of the equipment and the temperature-humidity data can be monitored in real time.
Large Scale Chamber Product Features
Can back-up all unit control, settings, and USB simply with a touch screen
Can monitor the condition of the equipment and the temperature-humidity data in real time through connection with smartphones
Simplification of removing and attaching thermo-hygrometer
Alarming function when a great quantity of moisture (20% or more) is produced within the chamber
Temperature maximum and minimum level programmer and attemperator are installed as the protective device of the chamber and samples.
A ground fault circuit interrupter is installed to protect from electric shock or overload from short circuits.
The temperature-humidity regulator reduces deviation of temperature and humidity to minimum through deviation minimization control system.
Addition of individual flow control function for sample adsorption pump
Installation of auxiliary legs for convenience in sample input
Capacity 1001.25 Liter
In Size(W×D×H)mm 750W * 1780 * 750
Out Size(W×D×H)mm 1705*2115*1950 (External dimensions may vary depending on additional features.)
Temperature Range(℃) 20~240 (Heating time 240℃ 1 hour, 65℃ 30 minutes)
Accuracy at 65℃ less than ± 0.5
Relative Humidity Range & Accuracy (%RH) 5~95%RH at 25℃ (±1%RH) 0~45%RH at 65℃ (±1%RH)
Air exchange Air exchange rate (m³/h) 0~6 (Accuracy±1%)
Static mode No carrior gas and exchange mode (able to control temperature)
Background concentration at 23℃, 50%RH, 1/h ventilation(㎍/m³) HCHO under 20
TVOC under 20
VOC under 2 (for individual compound)
Heating System Sus Fin Heater(Dry) & 표면 증발 가습(Humid)
Cooling System Mechanical (One-way, two-way) compression refrigeration method (air-cooled)
Safety Devices Ground fault circuit interrupter for power supply, attemperator, refrigeration overload circuit breaker, control device overload circuit breaker, freezer high and low voltage circuit breaker, humidifying tank outage protection device, external alarm device
Accessories Sight glass (Special vacuum tempered glass), Cable Hole for external cable, Indoor lamp additional timer
Power Source AC 220V 60Hz 1¢ 3¢
Equipment Specifications
Maintains airtightness as its size is 1 ± 0.05 m3
There is a fan inside the chamber to mix internal air; a shelf is necessary to prevent the fan and test parts from touching the chamber wall.
Installation of air inlet/outlet for exchange of internal air and sampling
The surface of the internal wall and the shelf are made of stainless steel or glass.
Airtightness evaluation_ The air let out should be 0.1% or less of the chamber volume per minute under overpressure of 1000Pa, and the injected air should be 1% or less.
In the center of an empty chamber, the air current speed should be 0.1 m/s or more.
The temporal and spatial temperature change shall not be over ± 0.5℃ and the humidity change shall not be over ± 5%.
VOCs shall be maintained at the level of 20ug/m3 or less and VOC at the level of 2ug/m3 or less.
The sample collecting pump can be adjusted from 0.1 L/min to 1 L/min.
Continuous monitoring operation is possible.
Temperature control method: centralized control of program type (touch screen)
Temperature adjustment method: Adjustment method that minimizes PLC & P.I.D deviation
Heating method: Heated by air
Humidifying method: through injection of saturated air
Air supply method: Blower for pressurization control
Temperature-humidity control: program type controller for temperature and humidity
Flow sensor: Thermal mass type
Flow control damper: Automatic adjustment method through auto damper
R.E.F System : 3 HP X 1SET
R.E.F Cooling System : Chiller type
Temperature-humidity sensor : R.T.D (PT 100Ω)
Over T/C Sensor : “K” TYPE Thermocouple


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