Product Guide Polymer additives

Polymer additives

Additives to reduce bad odors and harmful substances emitted from products

Additives are used in the production process to reduce the release of toxic substances and the odor of products. Rubber types improve the economic efficiency of rubber production by improving vulcanization acceleration time.


It is a product that contains VOC removing material on a zeolite supporter. Chemisorption occurs inside and on the surface, and BTX and TVOCs substances can be removed.

Applicable products Plastics (ABS, POM, PP)
Applicable substances BTX | TVOCs
Description Powder


It is a product that contains metal (Cu, Zn, Ag) from Epoclean HNS product and can remove VOC, BTX substances and have antibacterial effect simultaneously.

Applicable products Plastics (ABS, POM, PP), Fiber
Applicable substances BTX | TVOCs | Giving antibacterial effect
Description Powder


The product contains amine and ammonia removing material within the silicate structure. It removes amine and ammonia odor through chemisorption.

Applicable products Plastics (ABS, POM, PP)
Applicable substances Amines | ammonia
Description Powder


It is a Ca-phosphate type apatite structured compound. Aldehyde compounds are removed by the aldehyde removal component during synthesis.

Applicable products Plastics (ABS, POM, PP)
Applicable substances Aldehyde
Description Powder


It is an additive of PU Foam material among car interior materials. It is a liquid form product and a polymer amine component which reduces aldehyde component. We can offer products customized according to polyol characteristics.

Applicable products Polyurethane foam (PU foam)
Applicable substances Aldehyde
Description Liquid


This product improves the vulcanization acceleration time of rubbers, which greatly shortens the molding time and increases the economic efficiency of rubber production. It also has the effect of improving the blooming and decreasing the amount of harmful substances (VOCs) generated by the decrease of sulfur and organic vulcanization accelerator.

Applicable products Rubber
Applicable substances Inorganic vulcanization accelerator
Description Powder

Customized Additives

It is used as an additive in the production process to reduce the release of harmful substances
in order to reduce the harmful substances emitted from the raw materials of the product.
It is possible to develop customized additives that can analyze
the characteristics of product material, emitted harmful substance, and odor to reduce them.
Customized Additives Application CasesApplication example

Taesung Environmental Research Institute additives (Model: TS-NVS) are used in the production plant of polyether polyol raw materials.
We are seeing the effect of reducing VOC emissions in products using additives.

Taesung Environmental Research Institute additive (model name: INORACY) is used at the rubber production plant located in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do.
The rubber used with the additive increases the economic efficiency by accelerating production speed by reducing odor and accelerating vulcanization.


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